Acerca de Nosotros

Virgilio Blanco

Hispaned was established responding to the needs expressed by professionals working with Hispanic students or educators teaching Spanish language and culture. We needed a forum where we could share information and get up to date information about what was happening in the Spanish speaking world relevant to our professional practice. There is a long tradition in the Blanco family of dedication to education. There have been numerous teachers, professors and writers in the family. The Blanco Educational Foundation was established in 1888 in Matienzo, Spain by Manuel Blanco Bringas  to bring free education to all children in the area. This mission was met for close to a hundred years until the foundation could no longer provide the needed funds. The Ibero Americas Educational Network the parent organization of Hispaned is an attempt to continue this tradition of advancing education, and knowledge about Spanish culture. This forum is bilingual accepting submissions in English and Spanish. We hope to start a dialogue among educators from the Americas and the Iberian peninsula. This dialogue will start with a discussion about the very nature and definition of Spanish culture, and with a discussion regarding language education. We will maintain two categories: Su Mundo Hispano where you may contribute to the discussion on Spanish culture, and Más Educación where you may share your thoughts about education.fundacion